Web and Mobile Software Development Specialists

  • Many user types: clients, administrators
  • Many ways to access  the platform: web, mobile apps
  • Many data sources: mass importation in real time, different data formats, intelligent data processing
  • Multi-tenant Architecture

Consultation and Audit Techniques

  • Establish the status of your technology solutions
  • Develop a short- and long-term improvement plan—there is no magic solution, but some practices may show quick returns
  • Identify training and hiring needs

Iterative approach

  • Risk mitigation
  • Increased chances of success
  • Bringing real needs closer to final product
  • Requirements change over time and may not all be captured in the first go.
  • Get faster results. How many times have deadlines been extended with a promise of a product with even more features?



  • There is no such thing as a single solution; there are many choices, with compromises, and a winning solution depending on context.
  • Complex problems are our specialty and we have experience in all the techologies that can differentiate your business from your competitors: data mining, natural language processing, high availability architecture

The Slow Bug

  • Your app works, but users are forever complaining it’s slow; you waste time and money and lose motivation.
  • We are high performance specialists.

Better ROI

Our competitors says yes to all your requests, the invoices come in, but the results do not meet your expectations; we explain the short-and long-term impacts of your requests and propose more effective choices where possible.

Experts at every level

  • We leave nothing to chance, from the infrastructure to the native mobile app.
  • We have a combined experience of 30 years in a wide range of technology—NoSQL and relational databases, system programming language, object oriented, mobile and web, high availability system design and monitoring, and performance.

The Technology We Use


We’ve mastered Django since the beginning (v0.96). We use this base for large-scale projects, including the LoyalAction platform.



We use Python daily. There’s no doubt this efficient, fast and open-source language is the right choice for all projects.



Is your data your most precious asset? Make sure you use a robust, high performance database management system like PostgreSQL.



When you want to write less code while getting more results, jQuery is the logical front-end choice.



Our mobile applications are native for better performance and iOS integration; we use Swift, which is Apple’s preferred technology.



Not all of your customers have a iPhone! We develop all our mobile apps for Android AND iOS to reach the biggest possible market.


And in our technology toolbox, we also have:
Celery, RequireJS, NodeJS, Bower, Bootstrap3, Memcached, Redis, Ubuntu, Ansible, uWSGI, nginx, Php, Drupal.