PY4J services

At Resulto we love open source and we try to contribute whenever we can by publishing some of our components or by making pull requests to other open source projects. I personally also heavily contribute to open source and one of the projects I started more than 6 years ago, Py4J, is increasingly used by industry, academia and hobbyists.

Py4J is a dynamic bridge between Python and Java: it allows Python code to access a JVM and to call objects as if they resided in the Python Process. Java code can also call back Python code, which makes Py4J a complete end-to-end solution if you want to bridge two existing code bases or libraries. Py4J is downloaded more than 40,000 times every month and it is used by large projects such as Spark Python and DAWN Science.

Over the years, I received several requests to implement difficult or niche features or to provide commercial support. I’m happy to announce that as part of our service offering, Resulto is now providing professional services for Py4J. This means that you can hire Resulto if you want:

  1. a feature to be implemented quickly,
  2. a special license that comes with support, or
  3. custom integration with your code

In the end, this partnership should greatly benefit Py4J users because new features will be introduced in the code base and bugs will inevitably be fixed along the way.

If you are interested in professional services for Py4J, please get in touch with us at You can also read the Professional Services FAQ on the Py4J website.